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Grilling Secrets You Need to Know


Cooking on the barbecue grill


‘Tis the season for barbecuing! Checkout these tips that will make your grilling faster and easier!

1.Stick With Thighs: Thighs can also withstand the dry heat of the grill and they have better flavor.

2. Go With White Meat: Make sure to take the skin off! This will cut the saturated fat.

3. Grill the Chicken Over Indirect Heat: If you put the the meat over the cooler side of the grill it will cook slower and it will grill evenly.

4. Finish it Over Direct Heat: This will add a delicious light charring and caramelize the glaze.


Creating Extra Storage in Your Oklahoma Apartment


small closet organizing 2

If you’re apartment is smaller and you’re limited to space, here are some clever ways to create extra storage space without breaking the bank.

1. Store Clothes Under Your Bed

Most home stores sell plastic storage boxes of various size and heights. Take advantage of the space you do have underneath the bed and store shoes, clothes, purses etc.

2. Install Shelves Racks or Ledges 

Wall-mounted shelves, racks or ledges can increase storage area in any room!

3. Use Hooks

This is great for the closet. If you see any wall space, place your hooks there and hang your purse, scarves, belts, etc.

Treat Your Mom to a Special Mother’s Day Brunch in Oklahoma City

Jazmo’z Bourbon St. Café – This Mother’s Day treat your mom to a special Champagne Brunch, sit on the patio with a relaxing view or choose a table indoors and listen to Jade Castle perform live.
The Metro Wine Bar & Bistro – Celebrate Mother’s Day at The Metro. Enjoy a $34 three-course prix fixe Brunch menu and a $15 Children’s Menu.
Park Avenue Grill – Happy Mother’s Day from the Skirvin Hilton and the Park Avenue Grill. The restaurant will feature a sumptuous buffet brunch as well as a four-course plated salute to Mom.

How to Decorate Your Oklahoma Apartment for Spring

Pastels in home decor - - luscious pastels - milk bottles vases

Springtime is a wonderful time to perk-up your apartment. Checkout these decor ideas that won’t break the bank!


Choose some vibrant blooms and place them around your apartment for a great pop of color and a fresh scent.


Add some soft hues around the apartment to really embrace the season. You can play around with pastel colored accessories such as lamps, candles or even a sofa throw.


It’s amazing how a new bedding can transform a bedroom. Choose a bedspread that’s sheer or has some shimmer to it.







3 Questions to Ask When Looking for an Apartment



q marks

So it’s about that time to search for a new apartment, but are you prepared? Here are 3 questions you should ask when looking for your new apartment:

1. What is the parking situation?

Be sure to ask this question. The last thing you need is to park on the street and risk the chance of getting a parking ticket or towed. Also, ask about parking for visitors.

2. Can I paint?

In some cases, residents are not allowed to make major changes to the apartment such as changing the paint. Some properties allow you to make changes, but you need to change the color back to what it was.

3. What if I need to break my lease?

Anything could happen, you might have to relocate for your job, so just be sure to find out the penalties for breaking the lease under extenuating circumstances.


Ways to Get Your Security Deposit Back in Full



It’s always a exciting to decorate your new apartment, but sometimes it can cost you your security deposit. Checkout these tips on how to get your deposit back in full:

1. Document Everything: Before you start settling into your new apartment, make sure to write down any damages you see. Taking pictures of the damages is always a great idea too!

2. Always Ask: If you’re going to make any major changes to the apartment, such as painting the walls a different color, make sure you ask someone in the leasing office if you’re allowed to.

3. Keep it Clean: Prior to moving out, give the apartment a good, deep cleaning. Clean the stove, microwave and refrigerator. The spotless your apartment is, the more you get back in your wallet!

4. Know Your Rights: Read your lease agreement and read it carefully before signing. Be sure to understand all of the terms and conditions.


Redecorating Your Living Room in Your Oklahoma City Apartment


Spring is almost here and it’s the perfect time to redecorate! Here are some fantastic tips on how to redecorate your apartment without making a dent in your wallet.

1. Transparent Dining Table: This can really expand your space and it will avoid the cluttered feel.

2. Utilize Curtains: Curtains will always make a room seem taller.

3. Frames: Fill up your wall with frames! You can frame fabric or you can just add pictures of friends and family.

4. Floating Shelves: This is great way to display your mementos/objects and they also serve as a storage space.

5. Pile Pillows: Play around with some bold, patterned pillows and place them on the couch.