Oscars night is this Sunday, February 28, at 5:30 PST and if you love red carpets, golden statues, and all things sparkly as much as we do, then why not make it your excuse to throw an Oscars party in your apartment? It’s a great way to gather with your friends and family, munch on popcorn, and root for your favorite films and celebrities. Make your party fun by having a dress code! Need some ideas? Here are some themes that are sure to make your party memorable!

1920s Speakeasy
Oh yes, bring out those flapper dresses and pin-striped suits. Who doesn’t want to rock their best 1920s-inspired attire? You can even serve up some retro cocktails and display some classic posters and pictures of Hollywood icons.

PJs and Pearls
What better way to keep it classy and fun by mixing the best of both worlds? Have a pajama and pearls Oscars party in the comfort of your apartment. Guests can wear their favorite pajamas while sporting their favorite jewelry. It’s a unique way to try something different this year!

Black-Tie Affair
Of course, this is the classic dress code for any Oscars party. Don’t just let the celebrities wear the fancy dresses and suits! Have your own Black-Tie formal affair and dress to the nines this Sunday. Serve champagne to complete your evening of all things glamorous.