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How to Decorate Your Oklahoma Apartment for Spring

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Springtime is a wonderful time to perk-up your apartment. Checkout these decor ideas that won’t break the bank!


Choose some vibrant blooms and place them around your apartment for a great pop of color and a fresh scent.


Add some soft hues around the apartment to really embrace the season. You can play around with pastel colored accessories such as lamps, candles or even a sofa throw.


It’s amazing how a new bedding can transform a bedroom.¬†Choose a bedspread that’s sheer or has some shimmer to it.







3 Questions to Ask When Looking for an Apartment



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So it’s about that time to search for a new apartment, but are you prepared? Here are 3 questions you should ask when looking for your new apartment:

1. What is the parking situation?

Be sure to ask this question. The last thing you need is to park on the street and risk the chance of getting a parking ticket or towed. Also, ask about parking for visitors.

2. Can I paint?

In some cases, residents are not allowed to make major changes to the apartment such as changing the paint. Some properties allow you to make changes, but you need to change the color back to what it was.

3. What if I need to break my lease?

Anything could happen, you might have to relocate for your job, so just be sure to find out the penalties for breaking the lease under extenuating circumstances.


Ways to Get Your Security Deposit Back in Full



It’s always a exciting to decorate your new apartment, but sometimes it can cost you your security deposit. Checkout these tips on how to get your deposit back in full:

1. Document Everything: Before you start settling into your new apartment, make sure to write down any damages you see. Taking pictures of the damages is always a great idea too!

2. Always Ask: If you’re going to make any major changes to the apartment, such as painting the walls a different color, make sure you ask someone in the leasing office if you’re allowed to.

3. Keep it Clean: Prior to moving out, give the apartment a good, deep cleaning. Clean the stove, microwave and refrigerator. The spotless your apartment is, the more you get back in your wallet!

4. Know Your Rights: Read your lease agreement and read it carefully before signing. Be sure to understand all of the terms and conditions.